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SFG Consulting service offerings are supported by a history of success in these areas:  


  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Policy and Governance
  • Training Program Development and Management
  • Leadership and Project Management


Details of representative engagements are provided.






ing accountabilities and communication.
  • Establishing consistent performance measurement criteria for technical objectives.
  • Gaining acceptance at the nuclear stations.
  • Directed site coordinato:p>

  • Guided buyer activity.
  • Served as the basis for buyer performance assessment.
  • Pror

    • Enhancing the infrastructure.
    • Planning, managing, and auditing a consortium of subcontractors.
    • Strengthening external communication.
    • Establishing a safety program.
    • Identifying marketing initiatives.


    Identified critical issues and programs for improvement.

  • Capped all business unit budgets over a five-year projection for an average planning year total of $3.2 billion.

    Developed initial business plan for information technology corporation that supports business development in the public sector and enables the corporation to opt;font-family:"Arial","sans-serif"'>Wrote policies defining requirements for

    • Use of derivatives in financial risk management.
    • Corporate compliance with laws and regulations.
    • Environmental leadership.
    • Training and development.
    • Life cycle management.
    • Corporate ethics.
    • Diversity management.
    • Confidentiality of information.

    Developed and implemented eleo:p>

    • Acted as a culture change catalyst.
    • Inspired teaming between nuclear stations and oversight groups.
    • Won a c
    • Increased operator efficiency.
    • Promoted acceptance of electronic information systems throughout the company.


    Developed a variety of training programs and manuals pertaining to information technology, project management, corporate policy, internal control, records management, management skills, and culture enhancement.


    Developed training program for basic project management that

    • Defines project components and success factors.
    • Involves in-class project planning.
    • Utilizes situational scenarios for practicing team skills.
    • Introduces electronic tracking tools.

  • Discusses the purpose and value of policy documentation.
  • Includes sample documents, tracking matrix for comprehensive writing projects, and in-class document writing.


    Developed comprehensive computer training program that enabled the electronic information exchange between IBM and Wang users at six nuclear stations and an operational training facility.




    LEmily:"Arial","sans-serif"'>Developed training program for basic project management that includes a discussion of project components and success factors, in-class project planning, situational scenarios for practicing team skills, and an introduction to electronic tracking tools.


    Managed a variety of comprehensive corporate programs pertaining to Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Corporate Policy and Control, and Training.


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